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Delivering Consistently Performing Processes (pdf)

David Winders discusses variability in process performance.

Published in Leasing World, February 2007.

Customers Need the Human Touch (pdf)

The danger of allowing your system’s inflexibility to alienate your customers.

Published in Leasing World, November 2008.

Service Differentiation is Essential for Asset Finance (pdf)

David Winders argues that developing excellence in processes is essential.

Published in Leasing World, January 2007.

What is a Business Architect (pdf)

A discussion of the role of the business architect.

Is that banana inactive or active (pdf)

A strange question but a serious point about the implementation of 5S.

Published in Leasing World, December 2007.

Methodologies - a reflection on appropriateness (pdf)

A business architect’s thoughts on using the right tools for the job.

Target Operating Model - a necessity for growth and survival in Asset Finance (pdf)

A description of the TOM and its place in your business development plans.

Lowering the water level exposes the rocks (pdf)

Regular operating model reviews are essential if you want to keep on course.

Jargon and shades of grey (pdf)

Is the use of  terminology a help or hindrance to learning and development?

The influence of organisational cultures on cost (pdf).

Published in Leasing World, April 2008.

Business change issues for software package implementation (pdf).

Consider the affect that investment in software has on the whole organisation.

Don’t be a Blackberry Fool (pdf).

Does mobile internet have a detrimental affect on the decision-making capability of junior managers?

Applying lean design to vendor challenges (pdf).

A discussion of the issues inherent in vendor finance business processes.

Financial Climate Change (pdf)

Sue Curtis discusses ethics, the environment and the bottom line.

Capability Frameworks in Business Architecture (pdf)

Business services, capabilities or building blocks? What’s in a name?.

“After having recently telephoned a well known building society for the first time to make a withdrawal from a new account, I rapidly came to the conclusion that this organisation was completely unaware of what customer experience it was projecting to the outside world...”

An extract from the white paper “How to Manage the End-to-End Customer Experience”.

The complete paper can be downloaded here (PDF).

How to Manage the End-to-End Customer Experience

“The way a company does things is often called its business processes, and capturing these business processes, and recording them, is a common procedure for serious companies. Once recorded in a suitable software package, the processes can also be stress tested and modelled, for further optimisation or experimentation. Along with a company’s products, people, IT systems, customers, and suppliers, its recorded business processes form an important part of the company’s total value bundle, and so should be treated as a real asset. As with all assets, however, recording business processes comes at a cost.”

An extract from the white paper “Developing Business Processes as Business Assets”

The complete paper can be downloaded here (PDF).

Developing Business Processes as Business Assets

Please feel free to use these thought pieces –  all we ask is that you acknowledge the source and reproduce the text in its entirety.