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Target Operating Models - 2 or 3 day Traditional course or 10 Personal Mentoring sessions

Target Operating Models are a key output in transformational change and business architecture. A target operating model explains what the future world will look like giving a rationale for why this is so. There is a considerable skill in creating good communicative material that explains the strategy and how that strategy will manifest in a transformed enterprise.

This course of learning takes the delegate through the process of  collecting and assembling information, to a tell a story of where we have come from, why are we changing and what will we become.

It uses a variety of techniques and approaches designed to be flexible with the needs of different learning styles both of the delegate and that of the recipient of the communication vehicle - The Target Operating Model.

Content Overview.

This course is deliberately designed to give focus to the specific task  of producing a Target Operating Model.

How to present different views to different stakeholders.

Course  overview (PDF)