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Does the LMS material run on non-windows platforms?

We have recently invested in e-learning tools that allow access to our materials on all platform,  including IOS and Android. We are migrating our content over to this new format, but currently  some legacy content is still PC only, but this becomes less and less as time passes.

Is overnight accommodation and evening meals included in the open course prices?

No. Our pricing only covers lunch and beverage breaks during the day; this is often described as “Day  Delegate Rate” by venues. Accommodation, if required, would need to be booked at the clients risk with the venue and paid for separately.

Please do not leave your accommodation booking to the “last minute” as you may have to stay elsewhere and travel.

In your Target Operating Model course what methodologies do you recommend?

We recommend several approaches rather than one method and allow the candidate to choose tools appropriate to their organisation. We do major on CCPPOLDAT as a cross functional programme technique and the use of design principles as a core element, but provide complementary/ alternative techniques  including: strategy mapping and capability modelling.

How does personal mentoring work?

We schedule, normally weekly, webinar calls with learners and provide supporting materials on our learning management system for study between scheduled tutorials.

Are your business architecture courses business focused or all about I. T.?

We are a business facing training company rather than an I.T. centric provider.

Where are your open courses held?

We hold them at country house training venues and hotels in Hampshire UK.

If I discuss or share my organisations work is it confidential?

We are quite happy to sign non-disclosure agreements NDAs in most circumstances.

With personal mentoring how long do I have access to the LMS?

You have full access to the LMS whilst the personal mentoring programme is in progress and 30 days after its completion.

What technology do you use for your webinar sessions?

Private individuals usually request SKYPE which works well for web cams and screen sharing on a one to one basis. Corporate clients, on the other hand, usually  request that we use their own web conferencing facilities which conform to their own information security policies.

What is the pricing for an in house event?

Pricing for an in house event depends on the course chosen, numbers attending and your location as costs vary from location to location. E.g. accommodation costs, flights etc.

Do you do face to face mentoring and executive coaching in business architecture?

This is available to corporate clients and usually involves scheduling day visits with key executive staff. We often mix on site days with web sessions to provide a mentoring programme over several months.