The Operating Model Canvas- New Book

I have just a few hours reviewing a book on Operating Models for Andrew Campbell of Ashridge Business School, he runs courses on operating model development too; so we have a common interest in sharing ideas. I have been working with Andrew off and on over the last six months and we have had some interesting discussions which have had some influence on this new book.

We don’t agree on everything, as I am sure you can imagine, but in essence there is a common thread there which makes sense.  He likes value chains. I like capability maps; he loves organisational charts, I am less keen! But if these alternative methods work and get the results then that is all that is important.

The new book is going to be in the style of Business Model Generation. it is more a pick up and browse a few pages when you need them. rather than a cover to cover read. It is diagram heavy, text light and really colourful.

Looking forward to a publishing date,

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