The T34 – Capabilities

When looking at kit like this you start to think about capabilities in a different light. Business people particularly in services,steeped in process thinking, often struggle with the concept of capability modelling; military analogies and historical case studies help things make a lot more sense.

T34 Poznan (Posen-Ferstung) Poland.

The ability to tackle enemy heavy armour reliably on the Eastern Front WWII , cheaply and in quantity, was what made the T34 a capability supporting asset; a war winning weapon for the Soviets.  Looking at battle field examples in the field – Poznan Poland-  rather than prepared examples given to the west, (such as those specimens at Bovington (Dorset)) shows the fit for purpose finish in its true form. 

The build speed for a T34 was many times faster than its German rivals. easier to repair in the field and the cost so many times lower than the iconic German Tiger II. More Tigers were lost to breakdowns than enemy fire.

The T34 simpler, easier to maintain, cheaper and faster to deploy; the technology backed up by a superior production system won the day.

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