“Outcomes not methods”

On a recent Twitter discussion a tweeter was complaining about senior engagement and asking where senior managers get their information and attitude about AGILE.

I wrote back and said that software developments are so low down in the weeds that C level exec have very little knowledge and interest.

Upward selling of methodologies is always a looser’s game and we focus too much of the latest fad or trend ; this is particularly a problem in the technology space. It stems from an over introspective view of what “we” do and an over inflated importance in terms of tactical issues in the bigger picture.

In the echo chamber, where everyone is doing and saying the same, then there is little perception that others outside of our world just don’t see things as importantly as they do.

Focus on what methods deliver – the outputs. Don’t focus on selling the brand or the methodology. I have seen too much of people evangelizing about one method or another; whether it is Six Sigma , Lean or Agile, or anything else for that matter, it is just counterproductive. So many change initiatives start with selling some “silver bullet” approach rather than getting on with delivering quality outputs and outcomes.

Forget the selling the method, the training that comes with it and the overview pitches; just use it to do good things – that is what earns respect, the pay rises and bonuses will follow.

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