Recent Rebuild November 2020

Since 2008 we published the website using serif plus to create HTML pages thanks to our web guy Stephen Hanson. However, it was always hard work to add content and with the success of our site which has run on wordpress for several years now, we decided to port over to a CMS (WordPress) platform. Although the website is not as graphical or unique as it was, it now is much more flexible. We have in recent days been uploading older posts published previously on blogspot; in some cases bringing these posts up to date, improving the syntax and hopefully making them more readable.

Already we have seen an uptake in visits to the site. This proves the strategy of using the blog area to increase exposure via useful content with the aim of creating gravitas and leads for our training and consultancy activities.

We try to take an agnostic approach in our thinking, looking at all types of angles on topics. often questioning some of the narrow views of method zealots and those monitising their own preferred frameworks.

Thanks for the recent positive feedback from users and we hope to continue to provide further value in the future.

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