Learning Portal

To support our learners we provide access to our learning portal* at http://www.deverlearning.co.uk here we host the materials used during courses and individual mentoring sessions. Each corporate client has its own private area that provide confidential items or supporting in house materials.

The learning portal provides copies of course slide slide sets in PDF format that can be downloaded onto personal devices prior to attending courses or for revision at a later date.

The use of electronic course materials avoids the environmental impact of printing course packs it also helps with version control and keeping things fresh and up to date.

We provide references and links to other sources of information plus some quizzes, case studies and voice e-learning material where it is appropriate to the learning programme undertaken.

Sorry there is no free material available on the learning portal. To enter course material you have to participate in classroom courses or web tutorials. Please request an invoice, following payment for learning an enrolment key will then be provided to you for access.

No hay contenido gratuito para iniciar sesión en el portal de aprendizaje.

l n’y a pas de contenu gratuit auquel se connecter sur le portail d’apprentissage.

Es gibt keine kostenlosen Inhalte, in die Sie sich im Lernportal einloggen können.